Asian Defence Journal (ADJ) is among the world’s leading international magazines specialising in defence and security matters. Its wide readership, comprising the top echelon of military and political decision-makers from the Asia-Pacific, has confirmed ADJ as the premier defence periodical in the region. It was among the first internationally audited defence publication in the region.

Founded in 1969 and published monthly since 1970, the magazine covers political and security issues, defence technology, international defence programmes, industrial and economic matters. The journal’s focus includes interviews with defence, security and related ministers not to mention exclusives with top brass from the armed forces and senior executives of the defence industries. 

A key aspect that separates ADJ from other international defence publications is its editorial concept: fair and dedicated issues and articles from an Asian perspective to keep readers well informed. This is done by an experienced respected team of specialist writers, correspondents and editors based in the region and afar. In addition to the regular country briefings, interviews and product features, the magazine maintains a number of features such as defence force modernisation and company profiles. 

The expert overage also includes defence and security-related exhibitions, developments in the various defence and security forces, governments, including their procurement authorities. The range also include news updates from the international defence industry and geo-political events and issues affecting the region. The regular news update section and exhibition show news would coincide with the major regional trade events. ADJ publishes its Show Daily, known as ADJ Today, and Show Focus, at major events in the Asia Pacific region and its annual publication known as the ADJ Yearbook. Otherrelated magazines include ADJ’s Training and Simulation and PERAJURIT, a vernacular defence magazine.