Linda Reynolds Appointed to Defence Industry and Cabinet

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With the resignations of two ministers, Christopher Pyne and Steve Ciobo, now formally confirmed, prime minister Scott Morrison has announced that Western Australian senator Linda Reynolds will become minister for defence industry, with Ciobo stepping down at once from that position. If the government is re-elected, Reynolds, who has a background in the Army Reserve, will be the new defence minister. Pyne will remain in the defence job until the election. Reynolds will be immediately elevated to cabinet, bringing the number of women in cabinet to seven. Currently an assistant minister, Reynolds will retain her responsibility for emergency management. In this role, she has been at Morrison’s side on his visits to the flood areas. Morrison in a March 2 statement said: “When you can call up a brigadier, in the form of Linda Reynolds, to take on the role of defence minister, it shows we have a lot of talent on our bench to draw from”. He said it was Pyne’s responsibility to continue to manage strategic issues through the election period. “This will ensure a consistency in our approach and the opportunity for a seamless handover to minister Reynolds, should we be successful at the election. “As a cabinet minister in the defence portfolio minister Reynolds will also have a unique opportunity to transfer into the role in the event the government is re-elected”. He said the appointment of Reynolds would bring the number of women in cabinet to the highest of any cabinet since federation. In a 29-year Army Reserve career, Reynolds served in many part and full-time positions. Attaining the rank of brigadier in 2012, she became the first woman in the Australian Army reserves to be promoted to a star rank.