Singapore Airshow 2020 – Riding on the Wingtips of Asia

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With Asia as the fastest growth region, the prospects for air travel here remains extremely promising. This rising appetite is estimated to result in a demand for 17,000 new aircraft deliveries (40% of global new deliveries) and services valued at $3.4 trillion over the next 20 years. This cements Singapore Airshow’s continued importance as the gateway to Asia markets, as the premier platform which has not only facilitated the participation of many enthusiastic VIP delegations and key industry players over the years, but also created networking and partnership opportunities in Asia’s aerospace and defence ecosystem. 

The upcoming seventh edition of Singapore Airshow, from Feb 11-16, at the Changi Exhibition Centre is expected to welcome over 1,000 participating companies from more than 50 countries, and over 55,000 trade visitors from some 150 countries. The air show is considered one of Asia’s largest and most influential international aerospace and defence exhibitions for stakeholders to forge strategic alliances and collaborate to shape the future of the global aviation industry.

Leck Chet Lam, Managing Director of Experia Events commented: “As the premier exhibition platform in Asia for aerospace and defence, the Singapore Airshow promises to soar to even greater heights in the coming 2020 edition. Aside from curating expert views and essential conversations in the aviation industry today, the event will also be a cornerstone where audiences can converge ideas, create exciting new businesses opportunities, and connect through strategic partnerships. We look forward to welcoming all our visitors from across the globe in 2020 for an exciting line up of programmes, technological innovations, as well as business forums that will pave potential inroads into Asia’s immense growth opportunities.” 

Trailblazing Technological Sensations of Tomorrow

At Singapore Airshow 2020, technology and innovation take centre stage. Key industry players are looking ahead to embrace technology disruptors, showcasing a range of electric, hybrid, unmanned and artificial intelligence technologies. 

Business Forums will tackle Next Generation MRO in a digital world and the effects of new OEM business models on suppliers and manufacturers, while What’s Next@Singapore Airshow, now in its second iteration, is the platform for start-ups to take their businesses to the next level, connecting them with their potential customers and product end-users. 

This edition, the inaugural Lindbergh Innovation Forum in partnership with The Lindbergh Foundation, will feature inspiring and provocative talks by entrepreneurs and inventors who will discuss breakthrough innovations and leading-edge concepts in aviation that are shaping the future of flight.

Driving Sustainability Agenda

Everywhere across the world, climate change is a grave reality that confronts everyone. Industries, including aviation, are mindful of the environmental impact of their businesses. At Singapore Airshow 2020, exhibitors are leading the charge on incorporating environmentally friendly technologies into their products and services, whether through the use of electric or hybrid engines, or through streamlining their manufacturing processes to reduce the resource input required. 

Similarly, the Singapore Airshow 2020 is thrilled to announce that the upcoming event will be held under a fully solar-panelled roof, for the first time ever in its history. Comprising over 15,000 solar panels, the system is one of the largest rooftop solar facilities in Singapore, with a total capacity of 6.3 megawatts at its peak. It is expected to produce over 7,840 megawatt hours of power annually, which is enough renewable energy to power more than 1,750 four-room apartments in Singapore for a year.

The Singapore Airshow is especially proud to do its part to reduce the carbon footprint and looks forward to continued partnership and support to combat climate change at this upcoming, and future, editions of the event.