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All eyes are on the fast spreading Novel Coronavirus codenamed COVID-19. After three months, the outbreak has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, affecting over 150 countries around the world. The pathogen has infected more than 200,000 people around the world, and the number is increasing. Nations around the world has taken a drastic, yet necessary measures to address the spread of the deadly disease. Borders are shut, citizens are confined to their own premises as part of governments locked-out/locked-down orders to curb the virus from spreading further. Some countries including in the Asia-Pacific are even considering declaring a state of emergency to counter the spread of the disease. As part of the stern measures, defence forces. have been deployed, to assist the police to ensure that the orders are followed accordingly.  

For the defence community, this catastrophe has impacted the industry as a whole – trade shows are postponed, and some organisers even cancel their biennial events altogether for this year. This, without doubt has a serious push on effect on the global defence industry as a whole, as new technologies will not be able to demonstrated live, and business meetings have to be confined to teleconferencing, using the many tools available in the market today.  Some countries and some industries will be more affected than others, while some may not be affected at all. Uncertainty is the new norm but the world will turn.

While the situation remains fluid and uncertain right now, and the global defence community is keeping their fingers crossed on what happens next, we at Asian Defence Journal (ADJ), together with our sister publications, Perajurit and ADJ’s Training & Simulation are within a click away to provide the industry with the latest defence news and trends right here in the Asia-Pacific region. 

The Best Platform into Asia

As most of the nations are being locked-out/locked-down, the ADJ team will hunker down through the contagion and will continue to provide updates on the military goings on in this part of the world. Throughout this global crisis, we and our sister publication will continue our coverage from the Asian perspective. This is done so through the eyes of our staff journalists, as well as our Asian-based international contributors.

As we  celebrate, 50 years of Asia-Pacific defence reporting this year , ADJ will continue to provide neutral news reporting, coupled with our high-profile top brass interviews, either through print, or our web-based mediums. We are distributed to may high-profile diplomatic events and trade shows all around the world. Our readership profiles include military top brass, top officials from law enforcement agencies, diplomats, enterprise players, as well as key stakeholders and those in the know in the global defence industry.  

The whole world is now locked in battle against this virus and things will get better once we beat this Covid-19 menace. However as a the dust settles, the defence industry and technology that comes along, the industry need to get up and running again with Asian Defence Journal and its sister magazines right along on the frontlines. We understand your concern in this dire situation, but rest assured that the we will give our best, in reporting the current defence news and trends in military spending – even if we have to do it hunkering down in our makeshift home office! 

Advertising in ADJ, Perajurit and ADJ’s Training & Simulation will allow you to continue to engage with your target audience – with our print readership circulation reaching over 20,000 copies, and website views of more than 35,000 visitors. 

So on a brighter side, prepare your organisation for the changes and a new beginning that will surely take place. Maintain your presence in the Asia-Pacific and Southeast Asia with us as we are in the fray here.  Contact our marketing team to discuss how we help you carve a larger footprint in the Asia-Pacific region!

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Stay safe for the future,

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