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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the EURONAVAL organisers have been fighting against all odds to maintain the exhibition as a face-to-face event at the Paris-Le Bourget exhibition centre. In light of the upsurge in the number of COVID-19 contaminations in France during the month of September, the government has issued new health regulations which, in particular, prohibit events involving more than 1,000 people. Under these conditions, the GICAN and SOGENA have decided to forego the exhibition that was to be held at Le Bourget and replace it with a fully digital format of the 2020 EURONAVAL edition.

“EURONAVAL-ONLINE will be a new experience, a statement for the strong choices made by the GICAN, the SOGENA and the entire French Naval industry in order to maintain this show at all costs, at the service of its partners and its customers. Europe, innovation, export and resilience will be at the heart of EURONAVAL-ONLINE,” said GICAN President, Hervé Guillou.

“Hervé Guillou and I wanted to maintain this show because we believe it is absolutely essential for our industries and for the economic recovery plan, at the French, European and global scale,” said EURONAVAL Managing Director, Hugues d’Argentré.

Digital Version of EURONAVAL

For several months now, the organisers had been anticipating that a certain number of countries would probably not be able to send delegations and industrialists to visit the exhibition this year because of the global health crisis. They therefore initiated, with their partner J2C Communication, the creation of a digital space to complement the face-to-face exhibition.

This digital space was designed to enable exhibitors to present their products and innovations on digital stands. Up until the end of September, the evolution of the pandemic and the implementation of a strict sanitary protocol, in coordination with French government services and in particular the Prefecture, made it possible to envisage holding the trade show.

La ministre des armees, Florence Parly, inaugure le salon Euronaval, au Bourget, France, le 23 octobre 2018

On Wednesday, Sept 23, government decisions on the reduction in capacity for exhibitions and the indisputable observation that the COVID-19 epidemic was on the rise again in the Paris region, made it impossible to hold a satisfactory exhibition for the 300 exhibitors as well as the 70 official foreign delegations who had already expressed intention to convene at Paris-Le-Bourget. In this context, the choice was made to transform the exhibition into an entirely digital event using the platform developed by J2C Communication. The 2020 edition of EURONAVAL will therefore be the digital event: EURONAVAL-ONLINE.

Initially developed for official delegations and visitors who could not come to Paris-Le-Bourget, EURONAVAL-ONLINE is now open to all visitors interested in naval defence innovations. From Oct 19 to 25, delegations and visitors from all over the world will be able to meet the EURONAVAL 2020 exhibitors at the EURONAVAL-ONLINE digital exhibition. They will be able to visit the stands, organise their B-to-B meetings by video, follow the speeches of political and military personalities and take part in workshops, conferences and thematic round tables.


The EURONAVAL-ONLINE interface is as simple and intuitive as possible. Once logged in, visitors will be given an overview of the exhibition, presenting all the functions and giving access to the different areas. They can navigate the site or find the purpose of their visit using the search engine. Visitors will also be able to access the “Live” section of the exhibition and the full programme of official speeches, conferences and workshops that will take place throughout the week.

Exhibitors have only had a few weeks to familiarise themselves with the tool and customise their digital stands.

Visitors and official delegations who expressed their intention to participate in the EURONAVAL-ONLINE exhibition have received their secure access. They will be able to visit the exhibition from Monday, Oct 19. With EURONAVAL-ONLINE, information will always be just a few clicks away.

Opening Day

An exceptional opening day, Monday Oct 19, from 10.00am with scheduled interventions from:

• Mrs Florence Parly, Minister of the Armed Forces

• Mrs Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister Delegate for Industry

• Mr Denis Robin, Secretary General for the Sea

• Mrs Françoise Dumas, President of the National Assembly defence commission

• Mr Christian Cambon, President of the Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee of the Senate

• Mr Joël Barre, Delegate General for Armaments

• Mr Pierre Vandier, Chief of the Staff of the Navy

• Mr Hervé Guillou, President of the GICAN and EURONAVAL


The Cyber Naval Hub New in 2020

Cybersecurity has become a major challenge for the entire defence sector. In a digitised and interconnected world, the cyber threat is increasing across the entire civilian and military maritime domain.

The organisers of EURONAVAL, in partnership with CEIS, who specialise in Cyber Defence consulting, have therefore decided to create a new space: The Cyber Naval Hub. Workshops and meetings on this theme will take place throughout the week. Among the companies present, six will unveil their innovations in the sector.


The SEAnnovation space dedicated to start-ups was launched at EURONAVAL 2018 in partnership with Starburst. Given the success of this initiative, the organisers have chosen to renew SEAnnovation for this year’s show. Around 30 start-ups involved in naval technological innovations will be exhibiting in the SEAnnovation space. The transformation of the exhibition to a digital edition will allow the start-ups to create their digital stands and participate in the pitches and round table sessions that will be taking place every day on EURONAVAL-ONLINE.

The Trade Vessel

The Trade Vessel will also be present online to inform and raise awareness about professions and training in the marine sector! Free access to live webinars including a number of workshops led by professionals (trade experts, human resources, industrial representatives and training operators) will be offered to young people and students from Oct 20 to 22.

EURONAVAL-ONLINE will also include:

  • Interventions by the Minister for the Armed Forces, the Minister Delegate for Industry, the Secretary General for the Sea, the President of the Defence Committee of the National Assembly, the President of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Defence and Armed Forces Committee of the Senate, the General Delegate for Armaments, the Chief of Staff of the Navy and the President of the GICAN and EURONAVAL.
  • Thematic and industrial workshops broadcast live and replayed throughout the week of the exhibition.
  • Three international web-conferences organised in partnership with the Foundation for Strategic Research (FRS) to live and replay.
  • Presentation of the study “World defence shipbuilding”.
  • Daily B-to=B business meetings with industrialists and visitors from all over the world.