CAE to Supply US Air Force Joint Terminal Control Training Rehearsal System

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Montreal-based, global systems integrator, CAE was recently contracted by  the US Air Force to develop and deploy new build Joint Terminal Control Training Rehearsal System (JTC TRS) simulators as well as upgrade existing systems to a common configuration across the US Department of Defence enterprise.

The JTC TRS is a mission-critical simulation system used to train new Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) operators for real-world scenarios such as controlling aircraft and deploying weapons against designated ground targets.

This contract now merges both the JTC TRS and Joint Theatre Air-Ground Simulation System (JTAGSS) into a single programme that will provide comprehensive training for JTAC operators.

CAE USA will develop a fully immersive system that allows JTAC-qualified personnel to train for complex missions in a simulated and controlled environment, the company said in a statement. JTACs communicate and direct actions to ground commanders and aircraft to locate threats and targets.

“CAE is bringing our state-of-the-art training capabilities and resourcing to fill an immediate need for critical training on both the Joint Terminal Control Training and Rehearsal System and the Joint Theatre Air-Ground Simulation System programmes,” said Vice President and General Manager – Systems, CAE USA, Lenny Genna. “JTACs are on the front line under extremely dangerous circumstances and the training systems we provide will ensure they are prepared and mission ready.”

“This programme is a perfect example of how the acquisition of L3Harris’ Military Training business expands our core offerings across multi-domain operations and brings access to new customers and programmes,” said CAE Group President, Defense & Security, Dan Gelston.

The JTC TRS will be developed by CAE USA in Arlington, Texas, and delivered to 26 Air Force designated training locations around the world. CAE USA will support the installation and ongoing maintenance of the simulation systems required for Joint Terminal Attack Controller training.

The JTC TRS contract was originally awarded to L3Harris’ Military Training business unit.  CAE recently acquired L3Harris’ Military Training, which is now integrated with CAE USA as part of CAE’s Defense & Security business unit. –cae/adj/aaa (Photo: CAE)