ASELSAN EW Solution Watch Over Homeland and Territorial Waters

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The new Naval Radar and EW solutions will be the distinguisher for the high-demanding navies

targeting to protect both homeland and territorial waters.

Having a heritage of more than three decades in Radar & EW technologies, ASELSAN unveils its new generation 3D search and surveillance radar CENK at IDEF 2021. CENK fully matches the requirements of most challenging long-range anti-air warfare operations of corvettes, or frigates with its dual-axis AESA technology. On the other hand, MAR-D 3D Search and Surveillance Radar with its AESA architecture is the best-fit for smaller size crafts with its low SWaP requirements.

AKREP tracking radar, being showcased at IDEF 2021, achieves uniquely long ranges in its segment. This in turn gives additional crucial time to its operators before engagement or allows its operators to make the first move without risking safety. On the other hand, AKR-D, which is a compact yet powerful tracking radar, is an optimum solution for precise main gun guidance for 76mm or smaller calibre guns of smaller vessels.

To fulfil the stealth requirements of modern navies, LPI (Low Probability of Intercept) Radar ALPER, proving its worth to the international market as well, is about to become a family of products with the introduction of ALPER-P, with additional LPI capabilities. Furthermore, ALPER-PS, the submarine version of ALPER-P, is already been trusted to serve as the LPI navigation radar of the high-demanding navies.

Just like the naval radars, Naval Electronic Support & Attack solution is now even a bigger family

with the introduction of AREAS-2 series of Naval ECM. AREAS-2NC with its compact structure,

yet powerful unique capabilities, can be fitted on even small size OPV’s while AREAS-2N with its top-notch AESA technology ensures the utmost safety of its operators while ensuring their engagement success.

Serving as a one-stop-shop, ASELSAN relieves its clients from the trouble of looking for different

vendors for different radar & EW requirements of different types of vessels. ASELSAN, utilizing

a common infrastructure amongst its radar and EW portfolio of products, increases the commonality amongst different vessels and reduces lifetime operating costs of its clients. –asel/adj/aaa (PHOTO: ASELSAN)