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Turkish software and systems’ giant, announced that its new-generation network centric combat management system (ADVENT) will be in the service of the Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL). 

The corresponding slew of contracts were signed  during the Jakarta, on the provision of combat management system and combat system integration to KCR60 class and OPV class ships built of the Indonesian Navy.

Within the scope of the contract signed by HAVELSAN, PT TESCO and the Indonesian Ministry of Defence, the combat management system (CMS) for the construction of 3 KCR 60 class ships will be provided by HAVELSAN. Again, within the scope of another contract signed by HAVELSAN, DRU Shipyard and Indonesian Ministry of Defense, ADVENT CMS will be integrated into 2 Offshore Patrol Vessels.

HAVELSAN, which aims to take the defence power of the Turkish Naval Forces to the next level, has been acting as the strategic partner of the Turkish Naval Forces in the field of Combat Management System for years. For this purpose, by investing in advanced state-of-the-art technology, HAVELSAN developed the New Generation Network Centric Combat Management System-ADVENT together with the Naval Forces Command and installed it many platforms successfully.

ADVENT is a new generation command and control system that responds to the needs of a force-oriented, network-enabled operational approach rather than a single ship. It is possible to access to tactical data link (Link 11, Link 16 and Link 22, SIMPLE, JREAP and VMF) functions fully integrated with ADVENT through all operator consoles.

With its decision support systems ADVENT has an architecture that facilitates the speed and correct decision-making process of its user and provides flexible structure in the use of new weapons and sensors. It has been developed in a modular structure that fits in multi-task profiles and other platform types. ADVENT is a platform independent system. With its scalable open architecture structure; ADVENT can be adapted to surface, underwater and air platforms and land facilities.

As Turkey’s one and only, sole source proven combat management system provider, HAVELSAN has not only contributed to the Turkish Navy in improving its deterrence power but also strengthened its competitiveness in global markets. Because of several domestic projects HAVELSAN has successfully completed over the last 15 years, HAVELSAN has gained technological knowledge and experience valued by global players as well.

ADVENT has features that have been successful integrated in all platforms of the Turkish Naval Forces, which have attracted the attention of friendly and allied countries. –shp/adj/aaa (Image: HAVELSAN)