Fleet Support Service Contract for Overseas Support and Assistance Vessels

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Naval Group and Piriou have been awarded the Fleet Support Service contract for the availability of the four overseas support and assistance vessels (BSAOM).

This six-year contract covers the maintenance in operational condition of the four overseas support and assistance vessels, respectively based in Martinique, New Caledonia, Polynesia and Reunion Island, the international naval shipbuilder said. 

It includes activities contributing to the routine maintenance of these ships including twenty-two technical stops and logistical support provided to the French Navy.

As part of this contract, Naval Group and Piriou will also carry out seven major changes, such as the upgrades to mooring installations and inverters.

This contract is a continuation of the partnership established between Naval Group and Piriou, since 2014, for the development, construction and maintenance in operational condition of these buildings.

“Naval Group and Piriou have a perfect knowledge of these vessels and thus offer the best support in terms of proximity, responsiveness and performance to the crews of the French Navy”, said Vincent Martinot-Lagarde, Director of Services at Naval Group.

Vincent FAUJOUR, President of the PIRIOU Group, said: “As these vessels were the first contract carried out by Kership, the joint venture of Piriou and Naval Group, it is a particular satisfaction to ensure together their maintenance in operational condition and to allow them to continue their missions in the overseas EEZs.”

Established in 1965 and specialised in construction, repair, naval engineering and service provision, PIRIOU builds medium-sized vessels up to about 120 m with high added value thanks to integrated high-performance engineering and locations in Europe, Africa and Asia.

With more than 500 boats built and delivered all over the world, PIRIOU offers customised solutions as well as a complete range of standardised or tailor-made vessels to meet the needs of international private and public, civil and military shipowners. – ng/mhi/mgm (Pix: Naval Group/AGOA)