Pakistan Pledge Relief Effort to Turkiye-Syria Quake Victim

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Karachi: Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif pledge continuous relief support for Turkiye-Syria catastrophic earthquake victims that struck on Feb 6.

Speaking to the media after the International Fleet Review in conjunction with Exercise Aman, the premier said that the country’s Pakistan Defence Force will be deploying assets and to carry relief items for the affected victims of the natural disaster.

“The Pakistan Air Force will be collecting the relief items to be flown out, in collaboration with commercial airliners, and the Pakistan Navy ships will be deployed to freight large tonnages of these items to the disaster area,” said Muhammad Shehbaz.

“We stood by Turkiye, as they have stood by us throughout history, prevalently during earthquakes, floods, and our difficult times,” added the prime minister.

An earthquake with 7.8 magnitude struck southern and central Turkey, as well as northern and western Syria, leaving more than 41,000 casualties, according to WHO’s updates. -shp/adj/nz (Image: ADJ)