Leonardo, Armaereo to Upgrade Italian Air Force’s C27J Fleet

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Italian heavyweight, Leonardo and the Italian Defence Ministry’s Air Force Armament and Airworthiness Directorate (Armaereo), have signed a contract which represents an important step in the Italian Air Force’s C-27J Spartan fleet upgrade.

The contract include the development, integration qualification and certification of a new avionics configuration for the C-27J, the upgrading of a number of general systems on the aircraft, the self-protection system and the flight simulator. It also includes the delivery of the relevant first aircraft in this configuration, potentially followed by the retrofitting of the remaining 11 aircraft.

Under this contract, the Air Force’s C-27J will receive a significant upgrade of its avionic suite through the integration of new features such as the Mission Computer, the Flight Management System, head up and head down displays, radio and satellite communication systems, self-protection system and other upgrades improving the aircraft’s flexibility and operational effectiveness. The training system will also be updated on the basis of the new systems introduced on-board, aligning both training devices (flight simulators) and courseware (teaching materials) along with relevant technical publications.

Senior Vice President Commercial and Customer Services of Leonardo, Aircraft Division, Dario Marfè, said: “The latest evolution of the C-27J further improves the Spartan’s efficacy and operational capability. We’re proud to announce that the Italian Air Force has chosen the new avionic configuration of the C-27J, which will provide even better performance and efficiency. With its versatility and mission flexibility, the C-27J offers an even broader range of capabilities to support the operators in facing new challenges.”

The Spartan embodies the very essence of national security, proving itself as an ideal asset for defence force operations and it also provides a vital contribution to civil protection tasks, as an aircraft capable of reaching the population even in the country’s most remote and challenging areas.

Before the Italian Air Force, Royal Australian Air Force already signed an agreement to upgrade its fleet. Very recently Romania and US operators of Spartan, US SOCOM and US Coast Guard, chosen for the avionics upgrade of their C-27J aircraft fleets.

The retrofit possibilities have been specifically studied as part of the development of the C-27J programme, with the aim of allowing operators to constantly benefit from the improvements made to the aircraft.

A multitude of kits and easy to install and transportable roll-on/roll-off mission systems allow the C-27J to be rapidly transformed into the configuration required for the relevant mission. As a tactical airlifter, the aircraft’s versatility extends from airlifts of troops and cargo to airdrops of paratroopers and materials, from medical battlefield evacuation to VIP transportation, from humanitarian assistance and natural disaster response to firefighting. –shp/ldo/aaa (Image: Leonardo)