Six New Indonesian-made NC212i Light Transporters for the Philippine

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MANILA/JAKARTA: Indonesian state-owned airframe maker PT Dirgantara notched another export order with a contract to supply six new NC212i light transport aircraft for the Philippines and also inked a maintenance contract for the two similar types already in service with the Philippine Air Force (PAF).

The contract between PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI ) and the Philippine Department of Defence (DND) in Quezon City, Metro Manila on April 13 was inked by PTDI Group Head (Commercial), Indar Atmoko and Samuel A Castro from the DND.

A PTDI statement did not indicate the cost of the deal or any delivery schedules for the new aircraft but said the two PAF aircraft scheduled for maintenance will be flown to the aerospace company’s facilities in Bandung.

PTDI  produces various types of aircraft to fulfill the needs of civil airlines, military operators and specific missions. Through many years in aircraft design, PTDI has become proficient in, capable of designing new aircraft and changing the aircraft’s system configuration, and structure for specific mission purposes such as maritime patrol, surveillance and coast guard missions.

PAF operates the NC212i in various roles from maritime patrol, search and rescue and medical evacuation, and troop transport. The NC212i aircraft features an entire glass cockpit, autopilot avionics system, winglets, a ramp door and spacious cabin.

The NC212i twin-engine aircraft is manufactured by PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero), in co-operation with Airbus. It is an upgraded version of the C-212-400 maritime patrol aircraft developed by Airbus (formerly EADS CASA).

Persero and Airbus signed an agreement for the development of NC212i, during the LIMA Airshow held in Langkawi, Malaysia, in March 2013. Besides the Philippines, the aircraft type has been exported to Thailand and Vietnam in Southeast Asia. –adj/shp/mgm (Pix: PTDI)