Naval Group Sails Through IMDEX 2023 with Technological Know-How

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French shipbuilder Naval Group returns to IMDEX Asia to strengthen its cooperation with local industry with a wide arrange of surface and subsurface solutions to naval forces worldwide.  

As a long-term partner, Naval Group is committed to the development of research and development activities in Singapore. In 2019, Naval Group launched a centre of excellence for Research and Development in Singapore. This initiative will create a world-class expertise based in Singapore for strategic naval defence research topics.

Drawing on the strong technological know-how of Naval Group and the vibrant dynamics of the Singapore’s R&D landscape, the Centre of Excellence works on a wide range of topics such artificial intelligence, Big Data, IoT technologies, additive manufacturing or i-maintenance.

The different projects underway will contribute to Singapore’s dynamic innovation ecosystem and the development of the maritime industry, as well as create good job opportunities for Singaporeans.

Mine Counter-Measures Vessel

Naval Group highlights a new generation of mine counter-measures vessels which is one of the first native drone projection ship. This solution already chosen by the Belgian and Dutch navies is a complete paradigm shift in mine warfare by adopting a remote position (stand-off) which reduces the risk for personnel and the mothership and allows a substantial increase in the speed of coverage of mined areas. These specialised and cyber secured by design mine counter-measures (MCM) vessels are the first to have the capability to embark and launch a combination of surface drones (themselves 12- metre, 18- ton vessels), underwater drones and aerial drones.

The Scorpene

The Group’s subsurface capability – the Scorpene SSK will also be the focus at IMDEX Asia.  Scorpene is ideally suited for action and operational effectiveness. Robust and enduring, the  ocean-going submarine also designed for shallow waters operations.

Multi-purpose, it fulfils the entire scope of missions such as anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare, special operations, and intelligence gathering. With 14 submarines built worldwide, the Scorpene is a key reference of conventional attack submarines (SSK) for navies around the world. She can be easily adapted to specific requirements of customers and the continuous improvement of the Scorpene ensures the seamless integration of the latest technology onboard.

Unmanned Systems Expertise

Naval Group personnel will be talking about their unmanned systems, holistically, from the entire value chain of unmanned systems: designer, manufacturer, and in-service support partner of unmanned naval combat systems in surface, underwater, mine and seabed warfare as well as integrator of any type of drone to its armed vessels.

The company has developed several demonstrators of unmanned naval systems including D2i, Sterenn Du, Remorina and an autonomous, long endurance, ocean-going XL UUV demonstrator that can be armed. The company is actively enhancing its multi-mission/multi-drone system to ensure seamless integration of unmanned systems into naval combat operations.


Naval Group offers a range of services covering the entire life cycle of a ship, from design to construction, maintenance and dismantling. At Naval Group, more than 5,000 employees – almost one third of its total workforce – located in France and abroad, are responsible for the design, production and implementation of integrated logistical support, in-service support and modernisation of ships, training, simulators and marine infrastructures. To optimise ship availability, Naval Group develops innovative digital service solutions in the fields of cyber security and intelligent maintenance. Today, Naval Group is conducting more than 20 major in-service support programmes. Each year, some 50 surface ships and submarines are maintained in service in France and abroad, drawing on rare expertise and high-quality industrial partnerships.

Naval Group In Asia

Already well implanted here in the region, Naval Group is committed to establishing long-term partnerships with local industry and shipyards to enhance its clients’ local high-tech industrial content. Naval Group has a strong commitment in Singapore where it opened its first subsidiary in Asia, Naval Group Far East, in 2005.

The Group relies on its subsidiary to reinforce its partnership with Singaporean naval defence industry and its participation in naval defence projects launched by the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN). Naval Group already has a successful experience with the RSN for the design and construction of six Formidable-class frigates in close cooperation with local shipyard ST Engineering Marine. While the first frigate was built in Naval Group shipyard in Lorient, the other five were built in Singapore, through a full transfer of technology. In the continuity of this program, Naval Group further strengthened its cooperation with the Singaporean industry to provide engineering, technical and maintenance support to the frigates of the RSN. –shp/adj/aaa (Image: US Navy)