Rheinmetall Presents The “Total Ship Trainer” at IMDEX Asia 2023

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Rheinmetall is presenting the “Total Ship Trainer” at IMDEX Asia trade fair in Singapore. This system is a fully networked and integrated solution for realistic land based training of complete ship crews.

Rheinmetall is currently delivering such a Total Ship Trainer to the Royal Thai Navy. In July 2021, Rheinmetall Electronics from Bremen was awarded the contract to build the facility, which is known as the Naval Mission Training Centre (NMTC).

Rheinmetall is not only supplying the simulators, but is also responsible for the construction of the training building at the naval base in Sattahip, Thailand. The project also includes interconnection with other Royal Thai Navy facilities and the training of teaching staff.

The two-story NMTC includes 20 individual simulators in “full-mission” and “part-task” configurations, as well as four associated classroom trainers and related briefing/debriefing equipment. The outstanding feature of the NMTC system is the ability to combine the individual simulators for “Total Ship Training.”

In the NMTC, the “bridge”, “engine room”, “operations centre” and “damage control” simulators together form a “ship of their own” and interact with each other. This enhanced collaboration enables joint team training of a ship’s essential crew members.

In particular, operational procedures and communication methods can be trained and optimised in a wide variety of internal and external naval warfare scenarios. This makes the previous individual crew training much more realistic and comprehensive, so that the entire crew is better prepared for combat readiness at sea.

From October 2022, in addition to the integration of the system, the training of the Thai naval instructors also took place in Germany. In January 2023, the navy instructors successfully completed their very intensive training on all individual simulators of the Total Ship Trainer configuration and on the server system. Subsequently, the training system was again optimised with regard to the customer’s user requirements.

The entire system was on a sea transport to the Sattahip naval base in mid-April, where system integration and commissioning will begin in the completed training building. Final acceptance by the customer is scheduled for July 2023.

The picture shows one of the two floors of the new building with the simulators installed. All the simulators mentioned above are networked with each other so that all relevant teams of a complete ship’s crew can be trained with each other simultaneously. Responsible for this extremely high simulation performance is a novel server system based on virtualized high-performance servers.

2x Full Mission Bridge SHS
4x Part Task Bridge SHS
2x Full Mission SES
4x Part Task SES
2x Full Mission CIC
4x Part Task CIC
2x Full Mission DCT
4x Classroom Trainer
Server System