ELT Group Presents Technological Evolution from Tenet 2030 Industrial Plan at Le Bourget

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ELT Group is participating the 54th Paris Air Show being held in Le Bourget between June 19 – 25 (Hall 1 – E296). The event will be an opportunity to present the company’s first technological results as outlined by the company’s Tenet 2030 industrial plan.

Tenet 2030 is addressing the company towards an increasingly global, multi-domain dimension, reflecting new trends in the realm of sixth-generation air platforms chiefly the multi-national Global Combat Air Programme (GCAP) which ELT Group is involved with.

“Following Tenet 2030 ELT Group is evolving to respond more effectively to new technological challenges and increasingly complex protection demands. This evolution has been possible thanks to the deep expertise, gained over seven decades, in the innovative use of the electromagnetic spectrum through proprietary technologies, and through continuous work in research and development. Today, ELT is a group showcasing its expertise in new domains and in new geographies, without losing focus of its core business where the company continues to invest in innovative solutions to provide armed forces with advanced proprietary systems” emphasises Enzo Benigni President and CEO of ELT Group.

The Paris Air Show is an opportunity to present the first results of this evolution, chiefly in the space and cyber domains.

Space is becoming an increasingly strategic business sector which, at the same time, is attracting cyber criminals. Examining emergent threats in this this sector, ELT Group is leveraging its electromagnetic spectrum expertise by making the first payload, SCORPIO, for space-based signals intelligence collection (at this time aimed at collecting unclassified data) placed in a low earth orbit. The satellite carrying the payload was launched on April 15 onboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

The show will also be an opportunity to present additional activities ELT Group performs in the cyber domain. Via its CY4GATE investee ELT Group has increased the capabilities of its ADRIAN (Anti-Drone Interception, Acquisition and Neutralisation) system with a new feature called Cyber RF (Radio Frequency) which makes it capable of effectively detecting and reacting to new and more complex civilian and military operational scenarios involving both military and civilian, threatened by new generation malicious drones. Cyber RF is a complement to ADRIAN’s jamming, radar and visual modules further enhancing its performance. ADRIAN can now perform a full takeover of the drone to achieve a safe landing, avoiding impacts in the locale where the drone is flying and fully enables control of the hostile drone in the countering phase.

Cyber RF ensures 100% detection of most commercial drones being used for hostile purposes. It also allows the real-time tracking of the drone and pilot, the possibility of aircraft identification and obtaining related telemetry (cyber detection) and finally selective drone takeover and countermeasures (cyber countermeasures).

Regarding the cyber domain, Cy4Gate will present its Hybrid Cyber Digital Twin. This platform can simulate an IT/OT (Information Technology/Operational technology) network to identify potential vulnerabilities and preventively implement countermeasures that facilitate a more effective and timely response to a hacker. Digital twin technology makes it possible to improve the cyber resilience of networks and the technologies, to make red and blue team training more effective by having them practice on simulated attack scenarios using real and current threats, and to implement a ’honey net’. A honey net is a simulated network identical to the real one which is used as ‘cyber bait’ for the attacker in order to isolate it, study its behaviour and attack techniques, and then adjust defensive measures. 

Hybrid Cyber Digital Twin technology is tactically flexible and highly portable.

ELT Group’s evolution also is reflected in a new visual identity previewed just at Le Bourget.

Elettronica becomes ELT Group, the new logo is represented by a sphere from which electromagnetic waves propagate to summarises three messages at the heart of ELT Group’s evolution: the dominance of the electromagnetic spectrum in every domain, the global projection of the company and the increased ability to protect assets, people and data. The logo is the perfect accompaniment to the company’s new claim of “Shaping technology, Global protection” emphasising its commitment to developing proprietary technologies as enablers of innovative capabilities. –elt/adj/mhi (Pix: ELT Group)