Thales Reinforce Indonesia’s Sovereign Airspace Protection Capabilities

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JAKARTA/PARIS – Indonesia has ordered 13 long-range military radars from Thales to boost airspace surveillance efforts across the wide expanse of its archipelago, the French manufacturer and government-owned Indonesian defence firm PT Len Industri announced at the Paris Air show.

PT Len Industri has ordered the Ground Master 400 Alpha long-range air surveillance radars with the associated SkyView Command and Control system to strengthen Indonesian airspace sovereignty, creating a bubble of airspace protection, the joint statement said.

The airspace protection system to be installed across the Indonesian archipelago will “enable Indonesia’s armed forces to benefit from a single air picture integrating the detection of all types of threats, from jets and missiles to hovering helicopters and unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), contributing to early detection of threats,” it added.

The transfer of production of certain components for the mobile system will enhance PT Len’s radar expertise and knowledge, as well as position PT Len as the radar centre of excellence for Indonesia.

This contract will span the next few years with Thales building the radars and Command and Control solution and PT Len constructing the radar stations, providing the installation and integration of the systems including managing civil works for the programme, supported by Thales. PT Len will manufacture certain components of the radars locally, building local indigenous capabilities, contributing towards Indonesia’s strengthening of local defence industry.

This milestone further cements the strategic collaboration between PT Len and Thales, who announced in November 2022 the creation of a joint-venture (JV) that will start with local Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) activities for radars in service with the Indonesian Air Force, projected to begin operations in early 2024. Additional cooperation topics will be explored including radars, Command & Control systems, military satellites, and Combat Management Systems.

“Thales is proud to contribute to safeguarding and enhancing the sovereignty of Indonesian airspace. ​ Our commitment to Indonesia goes beyond just providing equipment. We are excited to deepen our strategic partnership with PT Len to define a roadmap for Indonesia’s defence modernisation, including the development of an Air national C2 centre as well as local radar MRO activities.” Christophe Salomon, Executive Vice President, Land and Air Systems, Thales.

“Our working relationship with Thales, which dates back several decades, gives us the confidence that Thales is the right partner to help us drive Defend ID forward. This radar contract is a further testament to our strong partnership and aligned vision to build expertise locally. Through this project, PT Len will be building the next generation of defence engineers in Indonesia.” Bobby RASYIDIN, President Director, PT Len Industri.  The state-owned company develops and markets electronic equipment such as  radio transmitters, railway signalling systems, power electronic systems for electric trains, defence, and solar power generation systems.

Thales further said, GM 400 Alpha is one of the world’s best-selling combat proven long-range air surveillance radars, contributing to airspace protection worldwide with more than 80 radars from the GM400 family sold to 19 nations. “This selection confirms the success of GM radars in South East Asia.”

“The resurgence in geostrategic confrontations has significantly increased demand for airspace protection. In addition to aircraft and missiles, UAVs now also constitute a threat to airspace sovereignty. Thales air surveillance solutions selected by PT Len will strengthen Indonesia’s airspace sovereignty and protection,” the statement added.

Renowned for the performance of detecting threats at long range and low altitude, the GM400 Alpha provides superior situational awareness for early detection helping armed forces enhance airspace sovereignty. The digital architecture of the radar ensures that it remains resilient to new threats, cyber-attacks and electronic warfare tactics.

SkyView, a complete command and control (C2) system, covers large geographical areas and ensures the full integration of Indonesian Air Operation Centres at local, regional and national levels. Skyview provides an integrated accurate 360° air surveillance picture through the easy-to-deploy and combat-proven Ground Master (GM) 400 Alpha tactical radars. As soon as the air threat is detected and identified, the relevant effectors can be selected and activated. – adj/shp/mgm (Pix: Thales)