Singapore’s Second Type 218SG Submarine Arrived in Country

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According to sources, Singapore’s second Type 218SG submarine, Impeccable, arrived in Singapore today (July 8).

The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN)’s second and third Invincible-class submarines, Impeccable and Illustrious, was launched at thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (tkMS) shipyard in Kiel, Germany on December 13, 2022.

The launch ceremony was officiated by Prime Minister (PM) Lee Hsien Loong and the two submarines were launched by Mrs Lee Hsien Loong, who, as the spouse of the officiating officer, was the Lady Sponsor.

Following the launch, Impeccable and Illustrious have undergone a series of sea trials before delivery to Singapore. The first submarine, Invincible was launched in 2019, while the fourth submarine, Inimitable, remains under construction. With this delivery, the third Type 218SG submarine, Illustrious, is also expected to arrive in the very near future.

Type 218SG

The Republic of Singapore Navy’s Archer-class and Challenger-class submarines will be replaced with four new Type 218SG submarines. The new submarines are part of the RSN’s long-term capability development and submarine force renewal programme.

The RSN has operated the current submarine fleet, built in the 1960s, for about two decades and gained operational experience in its local waters. The Type 218SG submarines will be the first new-build submarine tailored to meet the RSN’s unique operating conditions, and will enhance the RSN’s capability to better protect Singapore’s waters and safeguard its access to the sea lines of communication.

The Type 218SG submarines are equipped with significantly improved capabilities such as modern combat systems and Air Independent Propulsion systems. They will also be able to carry a wider range of mission payloads. The Type 218SG submarines also incorporate design innovation and advanced maintenance and engineering concepts to optimise training, operation and maintenance costs.

In addition to crew training in Germany, the RSN is also developing a Submarine Trainer Suite (STS) to cater to the training needs for crew of the Type 218SG submarines. The STS will comprise a Command Team Trainer, Steering and Diving Trainer, Virtual Procedural Trainer and Maintenance Trainer.

These Trainer systems will enable the RSN to train and qualify submariners in realistic, simulated operations at sea. –adj/mhi (Pix: Singapore Mindef)

Main pix: Impeccable and Illustrious at the launch ceremony in Kiel, Germany.