HAVELSAN Launches New Unmanned Surface Vehicle at IDEF’23

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Turkiye’s tech firm, HAVELSAN, unveiled its latest innovation, the ÇAKA S-KUSV (Submersible Kamikaze Unmanned Surface Vehicle), at IDEF’23-the nation’s defence exposition. The system is a new breed of naval technology, designed to redefine the rules of engagement in naval warfare.

The ÇAKA S-KUSV, a product of HAVELSAN’s engineering excellence, is a multi-dimensional platform capable of operating both on the surface and underwater. Its unique design allows for stealthy, powerful strikes against surface targets, enhancing naval capabilities in Anti-Access & Area Denial (A2AD) missions.

The ÇAKA S-KUSV is equipped with high-explosive payloads, ensuring a powerful impact on its targets. Its ability to operate underwater adds an element of surprise, allowing it to catch adversaries off-guard and deliver superior strikes.

The vehicle also features a mobile/shore control centre, providing a centralised command and control hub for multiple units. This feature enhances operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Compared to existing naval warfare technologies, the ÇAKA S-KUSV offers unique advantages. Its combination of speed, stealth, endurance, and firepower makes it a formidable asset in modern and future naval operations.

HAVELSAN assures that the system is game changer in naval technology, and we look forward to showing its impact on the field.” –shp/hvl/aaa (Image: HAVELSAN)