Taiwan Forms Navy Sea Control Missile Command

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The Republic of China Armed Forces is set to stand up the Navy Sea Control Missile Command by the end of 2024. To be headed by a rear admiral, the establishment of such a command demonstrates the growing importance of a stronger anti-ship missile force. Taiwan is expected to receive 100 Harpoon Coastal Defense System Launcher Transport units and 400 missiles from the United States to complement the locally manufactured Hsiung Feng missiles. The Ministry of National Defense is reportedly looking to ramp up production of anti-ship missiles (ASM) over the following two years to counter naval and air threats, comprising the Hsiung Feng II and III platforms. 

The Hsiung Feng II extended-range variant was capable of reaching as far as 200km, an increase from 148km in addition to better manoeuvrability and anti-electronic warfare capabilities. With the extended-range Hsiung Feng III, the standard variant’s optimal engagement range of 150 to 200km has gone up to an effective range of 400km. The deployment of Hsiung Feng III missiles would significantly heighten the ROC Navy’s ability to cover the northern, eastern and southern portions of the country. shp/adj/dl (Pix:Taiwan Ministry of National Defense)