HAVELSAN’s Advanced Defence Technologies at the World Defense Show 2024

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Turkish tech firm HAVELSAN is set to make an impact at the World Defense Show from February 4-8, 2024, in Riyadh, Sudi Arabia, showcasing its ground-breaking defence technologies under the theme “Coding The Trusted Future”.

The products being showcased include the ADVENT naval combat management system, the DOOB C4I system, the TICCS air force command and control system, the MATRA maritime security solution, the BAHA Sub-Cloud UAV System, and the SANCAR Armed Unmanned Surface Vehicle. Each product is a testament to HAVELSAN’s commitment to driving forward the future of defence technology with intelligence, precision, and efficiency.

ADVENT, developed in cooperation with the Turkish Naval Forces and Armerkom, is a naval combat management system designed for modern warfare. Its unmatched adaptability, sensor data fusion, and operational picture clarity make it indispensable in modern naval strategy, ensuring swift, informed decision-making and robust platform interoperability.

The DOOB Joint C4I Product Family facilitates a continuous information flow, supporting decision-making in military operations. It integrates data from various sources, providing a unified operational picture across land, sea, and air environments.

The TICCS system, developed for the Turkish Air Force, manages the command control cycle and integrates resource management, from planning to mission execution. It has been operational since 2007, enhancing the efficiency of air force operations.

The TICCS system epitomises excellence in air force command and control. Facilitating everything from strategic planning to mission execution, it stands as a cornerstone in enhancing the Turkish Air Force’s capabilities, blending technology and strategy for superior military functionality.

MATRA offers solutions for Digital Maritime challenges, including the Coastal Surveillance System (CSS) and the Search and Rescue (SAR) system. These systems improve situational awareness and response capabilities in maritime environments.

The system emerges as a force multiplier in maritime security. From the Coastal Surveillance System (CSS) enhancing situational awareness to the Search and Rescue (SAR) system revolutionising rescue operations, MATRA is a beacon of innovation in safeguarding maritime interests and environments.

In the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, BAHA redefines aerial ISR missions with its high-altitude capabilities, vertical take-off and landing, and autonomous operation. Its hybrid propulsion system and innovative design make it a game-changer in unmanned aerial technology, offering unparalleled mission versatility.

Armed unmanned surface vehicle SANCAR, born from the collaboration between HAVELSAN and Yonca Shipyard, is a testament to the future of naval autonomy. Equipped with advanced ISR capabilities and modular design, it stands ready to tackle modern naval challenges with its remote-controlled weapon and missile systems, defining a new era in naval warfare.

HAVELSAN has a longstanding history in the defence technology sector. The company focuses on developing advanced technology solutions to meet the evolving needs of global defence. Participation in the World Defense Show is part of HAVELSAN’s commitment to contributing to the defence industry through technological advancements.

Industry professionals, defence enthusiasts, and media representatives are cordially invited to booth HALL 1 WEST, #A4, to witness the unveiling of a new era in defence technology. –shp/adj/nz