KAI and Diehl Partner For FA-50, KF-21 Missiles

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BERLIN:Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) has announced a partnership with German defence firm Diehl Defence to buttress the firepower of South Korean-manufactured fighter aircraft, particularly KAI’s FA-50 light attack aircraft and KF-21 multirole combat aircraft currently being developed. Signed in Berlin, the memorandum of understanding between the two firms entails working together on boosting arms capabilities of South Korean fighter jets and European-centric joint marketing projects. 

Diehl specialises in missile development and offers a range of cutting-edge solutions and products, such as guided munitions, air defence systems, unmanned future combat air systems (FCAS), as well as reconnaissance and protection solutions. Among their most notable products is the IRIS-T SLM (Surface-Launched Medium-range) air defence system which fires the IRIS-T missiles. According to KAI, it is hoped that IRIS-T missiles would arm the KF-21 and FA-50 jets. According to KAI CEO, Kang Goo-young, the firm anticipates this endeavour to allow KAI to expand further into the European and African markets. shp/adj/dl (Pix:Diehl Defence)