Bali International Airshow on Track for the Big One

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With the Bali International Airshow 2024 set to take place in September 18-21 this year, 80 percent of the exhibition booths have already been secured by an impressive array of Indonesia and global brands. 

Powerhouses such as Brahmos, Bell Helicopter, Dassault among others have committed to showcasing their innovations in Bali alongside a confirmed number of 300 exhibitors from 35 participating countries thus far, from Indonesia, the United States, China, France, Australia, India and more making up 10 national pavilions.

Providing a receptive platform for strengthening bilateral and multilateral relationships between Indonesia and foreign partners in the region and beyond will also be the aim of the business event, show organisers say.

This significant commitment from key industry players underscores the strategic importance of the Bali International Airshow 2024, set against the backdrop of Indonesia’s aviation sector’s projected 5% annual growth over the next five years. 

As previously reported, 10 new airports are being developed, further cementing the nation’s commitment to advancing its aerospace capabilities. propelling Indonesia to the forefront of the regional aerospace industry. This prestigious event serves as a pivotal platform that unites diverse stakeholders within the industry, championing aerospace innovation in Southeast Asia and Indonesia. 

“With slightly more than six months to the event, we are ramping up as we begin our countdown to what we are expecting to be one of the region’s best airshows. There are many opportunities to explore with the Bali International Airshow and we anticipate that there will be many deals which are struck, as we build partnerships for progress,” said PT Inaro Tujuh Belas Chief Operating Officer Seno Adhi Damono, organisers for the Bali International Airshow.

(inset pix) From Left: Head of the Air Force Information Service, First Marshal Agung Sasongkojati, Seno Adhi Damono, Chief Operating Officer of PT Inaro Tujuh Belas, Praveen Pathak, Director ( Market Promotion & Export) and Corporate IT head, BrahMos Aerospace and Jodi Mahardi, Jodi Mahardi, the Deputy of Maritime and Energy Sovereignty Coordination, Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment of the Republic of Indonesia

Hosted by the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime and Investment Affairs and the Ministry

of Transportation, and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Indonesian Air Force, PT Angkasa Pura I and AirNav Indonesia, the Bali International Airshow is the manifestation of Indonesia’s unwavering commitment to excellence in the aerospace sector. 

Indonesia has an ambitious growth plan for its airport infrastructure, aiming to construct 50 new airports over the next 25 years under the Ministry of Transport. The country’s commitment to expanding its airport infrastructure reflects its dedication to improving accessibility and creating new opportunities for domestic and international travellers. 

While Indonesia carries out its strategic defence vision with a projected US$27.6 billion military expenditure until 2030, their commitment to fortifying national security takes the spotlight. A substantial player in the Asia-Pacific region, Indonesia’s strategic military investment reflects a dedicated effort to enhance its defence capabilities.  – adj/dl/mgm (BIA via swstrategies)