Thales to Supply Simulators to train German Armed Forces H145M Pilots

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Thales has signed a historic contract with Airbus Helicopters to support the German Armed Forces, the Bundeswehr, with Full Flight Simulators (FFS) Reality H®, to train H145M helicopter pilots, the French multinational said today (Feb 28). 

The high-performance Reality H® simulator delivers the highest level of realism and flexibility to the pilots. It is equipped with Thales’s flagship level-D helicopter FFS solution, with 14 devices currently in operation around the world. 

The contract includes an initial three years of full support, with a dedicated team working on site at the Bückeburg International Helicopter Training Center (IHTC), the largest helicopter training center in Europe. Thales will deliver a total of eight Reality H® Full Flight Simulators to Airbus Helicopters for training German Bundeswehr and NATO pilots on the Airbus multi-role H145M helicopters as part of ​ the LKH (Leichter Kampfhubschrauber) programme. 

This order follows the contract between Airbus Helicopters and the German Armed Forces for the delivery of up to 82 multi-role H145M helicopters Dec 14 last year. That was the largest order ever placed for the H145M and consequently the largest for the HForce weapon management system. The contract also includes seven years of support and services, ensuring optimal entry into service. The German Army will receive fifty-seven helicopters, while the Luftwaffe’s special forces will receive five.

“We are delighted to sign this key contract with Airbus Helicopters to equip the German Armed Forces with 8 Thales Reality H® Full Flight Simulators. This contract reinforces Thales’ position as one of the top suppliers for helicopter simulation and training devices. Our Reality H® simulator satisfies the mission-oriented and skills development needs of helicopter pilots and its reliability and cost of ownership are highly attractive to operators. Thales is proud to support Germany, one of our closest Allies, and to contribute to the security and air sovereignty of European NATO countries”, said Yannick Assouad, Executive-Vice President, Avionics, Thales.

Immersive Training Environment with Operational Scenarios

The Reality H® architecture is designed to the highest-level D standards from Aviation Authorities. It provides an immersive training environment, with a wide range of operational scenarios, stunning visual scenes and state-of-the-art AI-controlled Computer-Generated-Forces (CGF) SETHI (Simulateur d’Environnement Tactique Hétérogène Intéractif), which is also being added to the Bundeswehr’s NH90 MR1 FFS, located at Bückeburg International Helicopter Training Centre (IHTC), to allow pilots to train in conditions as close as possible to real operations. To support the Bundeswher’s pilot training programmes, these simulators will include advanced briefing and debriefing capabilities.

Finally, the Bundeswehr can look forward to a smooth program execution and timely delivery of the H145M thanks to Thales’ experience in working with Airbus Helicopters Simpacks (also called Data Package), most recently integrated in the world’s first H160 FFS, as well as in the H145 FFS both of which are in full operation as level D devicesLeveraging on its extensive expertise in delivering training solutions for military platform solutions, Thales addresses the Bundeswehr’s requirement for a seamless transition from legacy EC135 FFS simulators to Reality H®.

This new contract reinforces Thales’s dedication commitment to supporting the Bundeswehr and the German Aerospace industry, and further consolidates its leadership in the international training and simulation market. It also strengthens Thales’ trusted relationship with Airbus Helicopters, established through multiple partnerships such as Helisim, and building upon a wide range of program collaborations from avionics, radars, HMDs, armament, auto-protection equipment, to training and simulation. –adj/iz/mgm (Images:Thales/Airbus)