Indonesia Signs Deal For 2 Fincantieri Ships

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Indonesia has signed a USD1.27 billion deal with Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri for two Pattugliatori Polivalenti d’Altura (PPA) multi-purpose offshore patrol vessels. The two vessels ordered were originally allocated to the Italian Navy but will now be destined for service with the Indonesian Navy. Both ships are currently under construction and being fitted in the Riva Trigoso-Muggiano’s Integrated Shipyard.

A Fincantieri press release stated, “the interest of the Indonesian Ministry of Defence in PPA Units stems from the Maritime Campaign in the Far East of the Francesco Morosini, the second ship of the Italian Navy’s PPA class, which also stopped over in Indonesia in July 2023. The transaction can catalyse additional synergies in the operational, industrial, and technological fields between the two countries. The Units will be able to support Indonesia in protecting national interests and contribute to the stability of the delicate Indo-Pacific strategic quadrant.

According to the release, Fincantieri will be the prime contractor and coordinate other industrial partners such as fellow Italian firm Leonardo to customise the combat systems to be installed onboard in addition to related logistics services.

CEO and Managing Director of the firm, Pierroberto Folgiero added, “this contract is a milestone for the development of a strategic partnership between our Group and Indonesia. We view this as the first of many significant collaborative opportunities with the Indonesian Ministry of Defence, following a long-term partnership approach thanks to the structural support of our institutions, starting with the Ministry of Defence and the Italian Navy. Southeast Asia is a region of central geopolitical importance where Fincantieri aims to strengthen its presence, as defined in the Business Plan”.

The PPA vessels have a primary mission of patrol, surface combat, anti-piracy, monitoring, protection and control of maritime zones as well as search and rescue. At 143 metres long, the ship is manned by a crew of 171 with a flight deck and hangar at the aft which can facilitate operations for a maximum of two helicopters.

There are up to three configurations of the PPA, comprising the LIGHT, LIGHT PLUS and FULL. The LIGHT is armed for low-intensity patrol duties while the LIGHT PLUS has missile firing capability. Meanwhile, the FULL can carry out the full spectrum of duties ranging from anti-air warfare (AAW), anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and anti-surface warfare (ASuW). It is still unspecified on which variant Indonesia has ordered.-shp/adj/dl (Pix:Fincantieri)