South Korea Wins Another Peruvian Order For 30 APCs

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South Korean firm, STX Corp and its partner Hyundai Rotem have signed a deal with Peru’s materiel manufacturing institution affiliated with its Ministry of Defence, Fabrica De Armas Y Municiones Del Ejercito (FAME) to export 30 units of armoured vehicles to the country by 2025.

The deal for 30 armoured personnel carriers (APC) based on the K808 White Tiger APCs operated by the Republic of Korea Army (ROKA) is valued at USD60 million and is reportedly the first of 120 units for the Peruvian Army to boost its power projection. Furthermore, STX has secured rights to supply military and specialised vehicles to all elements of the Peruvian Armed Forces and its law enforcement, including the Army, Navy, Air Force and National Police.

In a signing ceremony attended by the South American nation’s president Dina Boluarte and defence minister Walter Astudillo as well as other top officials, the agreement will see STX and Hyundai Rotem set up an assembly plant in the capital city of Lima’s Lurigancho district to assemble the vehicles in Peru and facilitate technology transfer.

“We are witnessing a significant milestone on the path towards strengthening our national industry, especially the Defence sector. Thanks to this (agreement), we will increase personnel’s capacity and generate great savings for Peru, since these vehicles will no longer be acquired from abroad. This way, we reaffirm our total commitment to national security, defence, sovereignty, and, therefore, to boosting our military industry,” said Pres Boluarte.-shp/adj/dl (Pix:Peru MOD)