Gateway to Vietnam’s Defence and Security Market

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The Ministry of National Defence of Vietnam (MND) and the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) have both officially endorsed their support and will be participating in the upcoming Defense and Security Expo Vietnam 2019 (DSE Vietnam 2019) which takes place this year in Hanoi. The event will be held on Oct 2-4. Together, with local partner EiFEC, Expo Services Pte Ltd will present the world’s latest defence and security technologies to the relevant doctrine, purchasing and strategy decision-makers of defence and security agencies of the Vietnamese government and their regional counterparts.

Currently, DSE Vietnam 2019 is the only show in Vietnam endorsed by the MND and the MPS. It will be the first tri-service defence and security exhibition to serve the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA) comprising the Ground Force, Navy, Air Force, Border Defence Force, Coast Guard and the Public Security Forces responsible for the national and community police units.

Exhibition and Conference

With Vietnam now open for defence and security market, the show is expected to showcase the latest technologies and innovations from various top vendors. More than 80 international and domestic exhibitors are expected to showcase their latest products and solutions. DSE Vietnam 2019 will also provide a platform with unprecedented access to decision makers, influencers and potential industry partners through its concurrent exhibition and conference. Here at the conferences, the exhibitors should be able highlight their company’s latest solutions, thought leadership and industry best practices to a professional audience at the conference. It will also address prevailing national issues and concerns and present potential technical solutions to the challenges ahead. Conference attendees will include senior defence and security industry officials, VPA personnel and other stakeholders.

DSE Vietnam 2019 is an independently-founded trade show and conference uniquely focused on Vietnam and its leadership vis-á-vis the strategic developments in, and threats to, the ASEAN block.

About the Organisers

Expo Services Pte Ltd singularly serves the Vietnamese market. Its core management team, APAC Expo Pte Ltd has more than 60 years of experience in organising well-respected world-class defence and security exhibitions and conferences in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. Expo Services is best placed to complement the expertise of its exclusive Vietnamese partner EiFEC to deliver a high quality standard that the discerning global defence business and industry expect out of a professional trade show.

EiFEC is the official, trusted, established and professional leader in event, exhibition and conference management in Vietnam. EiFEC’s strength was built by a team of dedicated, hand-picked employees who are renown for delivering the highest level of customer service and innovative solutions. It partners with international event organisers to offer a large number of prestigious shows in Vietnam that serve the manufacturing, electronics, broadcasting and the defence and security industries and attract hundreds of international and local exhibitors–thousands of international and local leaders and professionals–every year in Vietnam.