NATO Countries Choose Safran’s Latest-Generation E-NYXTM NVGs

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Safran Electronics & Defense has recorded the first two orders for its new E-NYXTM wide field-of-view night vision goggles (NVG). Combining extremely light weight with enhanced reliability, robustness and performance, in particular due to its expanded 47° field of view, ENYXTM has been selected by two NATO countries that recently confirmed their plans to join the Takuba Task Force(1) .

 E-NYXTM is Safran’s Enhanced multirole NVG. It draws on the full range of expertise in portable optronics (electro-optical equipment) and image intensification built up over the last 30 years by Safran and its strategic partner, Theon Sensors. The two partners have already delivered some 160,000 image intensifier devices to armed forces from around the world.

E-NYXTM features the latest generation of image intensifier tubes (IIT) designed and built by a French company, and reflecting the state-of-the-art in European defence optronics. Weighing less than 500 grams, E-NYXTM spans all requirements for today’s infantry soldiers, including tactical movements, observation, vehicle control and firing weapons of all calibers, thanks to its compatibility with laser illuminator-pointers in the 830-960nm frequency band.

These advanced night vision goggles offer native compatibility with Safran’s ECOTI/ECOSI(2) clipons, to add anti-camouflage and see-spot(3) capabilities thanks to the addition of an infrared channel.

They also feature advanced connectivity, including connections to NATO-standard information and communications systems, navigation, geolocation and real-time Blue Force Tracking (BFT).

These first two orders confirm Safran’s position as a world leader in portable optronics for dismounted soldiers. Produced in France, E-NYXTM clearly illustrates the country’s expertise in high-performance portable optronics, as well as the global reach of this French center of excellence.

(1) The Takuba Task Force, comprising special forces from European countries, was created to fight terrorist groups in the Sahel region. (2) Enhanced Clip-On Thermal Imager (ECOTI); Enhanced Clip-On SWIR Imager (ECOSI). (3) See-spot allows the display of laser pointing spots emitted by vehicle-mounted or troop-carried target designators for terminal guidance of munitions. –shp/mgm