New Russian Helicopters Showcased at Kubinka

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Rostec’s Russian Helicopters showcased a range of latest versions of battle-proven helicopters including some prototypes for the first time at the International Military-Technical Forum ARMY-2020. in Kubinka airfield,  Moscow recently.

The holding company’s static exposition in the Patriotic Park include proposed new-build upgraded transport and military helicopters Mi-35P and Mi-35M and the Ka-226T light multipurpose helicopter. Also displayed were the latest Mi-171SH military and transport helicopter with increased attack capabilities and improved protection, and a mobile service center for overhaul and maintenance of Mi-8/17-type helicopters at customers’ air bases.

At Kubinka airfield, VIP guests and participants at the forum saw Mi-28NE “Night Hunter” attack helicopter, the ship-based  Ka-52K “Alligator” helicopter, Mi-17V-5 military and transport helicopter, the modernized Mi-26T2V heavy transport helicopter, and the most modern Mi-38T transport helicopter. The holding company also presented its civilian products: Mi-38 passenger helicopter with a highly comfortable cabin, and a medical version of Ansat helicopter.
At the indoor Rostec State Corporation, Russian Helicopters’ pavilion displayed the most modern blade with a sword-like edge, which improves a helicopter’s performance. A mobile service center unit, which is a 20-feet container with equipment for maintenance and repair of Mi-8/17 helicopters was also  displayed.

“The International Military-Technical Forum Army 2020 is the largest event in the Russian defence industry, at which we can show our latest designs and developments to potential Russian and foreign customers. We are constantly improving our rotorcraft, and in 2020, we are presenting a number of state-of-the-art models, which include advanced design solutions in terms of safety and increased attack capabilities of helicopters,” said Director General of Russian Helicopters holding company Andrey Boginsky.

The blade possesses modern aerodynamic characteristics and elastic composition; it is manufactured using the technology of one-stage compression molding. It was tested as part of the flying laboratory of a new high-speed helicopter concept. The new rotor blades are currently undergoing factory flight tests on a Mi-28N helicopter

“During the testing, the flying laboratory based on Mi-24 helicopter equipped with a set of new blades, reached a speed of more than 400 km/h without the needto change the base helicopter design. At the same time, we managed to maintain low vibration and load levels, which speaks of the high potential of this design”, Andrey Boginsky said.

At the event, Russian Helicopters signed a contract with the Defence Ministry for the development of a modern shipborne helicopter.

“This marks a new stage in the creation of modern shipborne helicopter. Earlier, working together with the Russian Ministry of Defence, we established the terms of reference required for R&D side of this project. (Today), we validated the project with the signing of relevant documents. The new shipborne helicopter design has now been completely established, and we are moving on schedule, in accordance with the goals set by the customer”, said the Director Andrey Boginsky.

Development work will be carried out by specialists from the National Helicopter Center Мil&Kamov. In accordance with the approved schedules, first stage of development is planned to be completed within three years.  The project will lead to the creation of universal shipborne helicopter capable of performing search and rescue, troop transport and ASW missions.–shp/mgm

(Photos: Anton Garnik/Evgeny Baranov)