LACROIX Unveils Technological Upgrade of GALIX System, Strengthens Local Services Offer for Middle East Armed Forces

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LACROIX displays the new GALIX AOS system upgrade, which now includes acoustic detection at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX 2021).

Known for its benchmark performance, GALIX has been chosen by the French Army to equip SCORPION vehicles, and employed internationally to protect all types of land vehicles (MBT, AMV, LAV, etc.). METRAVIB DEFENCE PILAR V is an advanced real-time acoustic gunshot detector (up to 30mm calibre, mortars, RPG) with 360° area coverage, that can be mounted easily on any armoured or recognition vehicle.

LACROIX is showcasing the evolution of its GALIX AOS self-protection suite, coupled with the PILAR V by METRAVIB, on the new AJBAN 445 MK2 vehicle model from the company’s UAE partner, NIMR at stand 05-A05. NIMR and LACROIX have been working jointly for over 10 years to provide respectively advanced rugged armoured vehicles and a reliable range of self-protection solutions with GALIX including its latest technology AOS 360° to serve the UAE land forces and armies worldwide.

According to NIMR’s spokesperson comment about the partnership: “We are delighted to continue our long-standing relationship with LACROIX and integrate the GALIX AOS A&N system onto our newly launched AJBAN Mk2 vehicles. With the help of our trusted partners, we ensure that our vehicles meet the most stringent end-user requirements.”

This joint product launching during IDEX 2021, is considered as a new technological step ahead, enhancing the NIMR vehicles survivability and evidencing LACROIX deep involvement in the MENA region through its regional office.

This new feature called AOS A&N (for Automatic Obscurant System /Acoustic & Navigation) expands GALIX’s capability to enhance vehicle survivability by:

  • detecting and locating threats including small and medium calibre weapons, mortars, RPGs,
  • shooting in real time the screening response in the most appropriate calculated direction (rules of engagement based on threats, navigation and environmental awareness data),
  • displaying the tactical recommended manoeuvre to the crew.

This technological evolution should be considered as an additional brick of the GALIX AOS self-protection suite, including multiple threats detection (laser, acoustic…), battlefield situation analysis and adapted reaction. LACROIX will be taking advantage of IDEX to highlight this innovation fitted for new and retrofit vehicles programmes.

Strengthens Service Offering in the Middle East

Unveiled during the Euronaval Online 2020 exhibition, LACROIX’s enlarged local services is made available for the first time internationally at this exhibition.

Backed by its local joint venture EDS (Emirates Defense Services), LACROIX has a solid presence to effectively meet the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces’ operational requirements, for example those of the local training centre Al Hamra of the Emirati Armed Forces.

At IDEX 2021, the LACROIX team features:

· “Battlefield Readiness” Service Offer

The brand new “Battlefield Readiness” offer provides realistic training scenarios – comparable to real theatres of operations and combat -, thanks to the use of various pyrotechnic effects, which were specially designed by LACROIX. The scenarios were developed in total synergy with the most modern Combat Training Centres (CTC, MOUT, etc.) and can be tailored to the operational requirements of each customers. They prepare troops for stress management and automatic response acquisition through highly realistic simulation of a combat environment (noise, intensity, smoke, etc.).

Battlefield Simulation

· REPY Training Systems

LACROIX will be exhibiting, in particular, the dual-shot model of its innovative REPY realistic pyrotechnic simulation system to complete its training and battlefield readiness offering. REPY simulators (launchers deploying either two or 20 rounds) simulate the firing of weapons systems from vehicle-mounted and/or from ground standalone units, as well as effects (masking, artillery, IEDs, etc.). The REPY systems can be used autonomously by training centre personnel and can be coupled, notably, with targeting equipment. –shp/lacroix./adj (PHOTOS: LACROIX Defense)