Thales to Deliver Airborne ASW Sonars to US, Indian, Greek and Danish Navies

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Lockheed Martin and Thales closed negotiations for the supply of up to 55 ALFS anti-submarine warfare sonars to the US Navy and other navies including India.

As a tier-one supplier to Lockheed Martin, Thales will deliver the ALFS systems for installation on the MH-60R helicopter platform. Thales has signed a contract with Lockheed Martin as a tier-one supplier for the delivery of up to 55 airborne anti-submarine warfare sonars. The ALFS (Airborne Low Frequency Sonar) dipping sonars will be installed on the MH-60R platform for the four navies, said the company in a statement.

Delivery of the first 42 systems will occur over the next five years with a delivery of 13 optional systems to occur in year six.

The Indian Navy alongside Denmark and Greece will receive their first deliveries of the ALFS sonar system through direct US Foreign Military Sales of the MH-60R platform

The Indian Navy Sikorsky finalised a $905 million deal to build two dozen MH-60R maritime utility helicopters for India, the largest defence contract that Lockheed Martin has signed with the country in May 2020. The first aircraft should be delivered to India in June 2021 with another two to follow suite while another 21 helicopters will be delivered through 2024.

The Indian Navy’s first MH-60R production helicopter has conducted its maiden flight in Owego, New York in April 2021.

“Earning the trust of the US Navy, its allies and partners around the globe is a source of pride for our team. This contract enhances our position as a strategic supplier to Lockheed Martin and further consolidates the Group’s world leadership position in anti-submarine warfare systems. We will continue to improve the performance and competitiveness of our airborne sonars to meet the new anti-submarine warfare operational challenges of our customers.” Vice President Underwater Systems, Thales, Alexis Morel.

Offering unparalleled protection to maritime convoys, the ALFS anti-submarine warfare system is capable of detecting, classifying, prosecuting, harassing or attacking submarines, making Thales the benchmark for the world’s major navies. As a low frequency active sonar, ALFS is designed for the initial detection and tracking of opposing submarines. It offers a long detection range with a wide coverage rate and a low false alarm level, both in deep and coastal waters. It can be used autonomously to clear a particular area or as a complementary anti-submarine warfare asset to sonars on board surface vessels for target relocation and attack.

Thales has delivered more than 300 ALFS sonars to the US Navy since the early 2000s and this new contract with Lockheed Martin will continue to support the Navy’s readiness strategy. In addition to the US Navy, the other navies that have chosen Thales dipping sonar solutions include the navies of Australia, France, Norway, the Philippines, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. – shp/adj//kf/aaa (PHOTO: Lockheed Martin)