Collins Aerospace to Support Next Phase of Australia’s Land 17 Programme

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SYDNEY: Collins Aerospace today announced that it has been awarded a contract to supply the next-generation Digital Terminal Control Systems (DTCS) under the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) Land 17 Phase 2 programme. This is a follow on from the original Phase 1 initiative that the company have been supporting for over 10 years. Collins Aerospace is a Raytheon Technologies business.

The DTCS is a targeting system utilised by Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) and Joint Forward Observers (JFOs) to request and coordinate support missions delivered by land, sea or air platforms.

A spokesperson from the ADF said, “The ADF and Collins Aerospace have developed a partnership building and sustaining the current in-service system. As an industry partner they have looked to improve the next generation DTCS equipment and have established a support program to ensure current and future interoperability with joint force and coalition platforms.”

The next-generation DTCS system provides extended capabilities such as improved power management for longer mission duration from the equipment power system, and an upgraded night vision targeting equipment to ensure that the Australian Defence Force has the technologies required for the digital battlespace,” said Collins Aerospace’s Managing Director, Australia, Sonny Foster. “Going forward, we’ll continue to collaborate and develop more in-country capabilities to support Australia’s defence programmes.”

Collins Aerospace will work with the ADF to ensure that the DTCS delivered meet requirements throughout the system’s life of type. –shp/adj/aaa (Photo Collins Aerospace)