Lacroix Defense Unveils SEAMOSC Launcher

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Lacroix Defense Unveils SEAMOSC Launcher

French technology expert, Lacroix Defense is back at this year’s Euronaval with its SEAMOSC launcher, designed to counter threats in the visible range or  by laser, thanks to the deployment of a smoke screen specific to the naval field.

To meet this objective, the launcher deploys a smoke screen specifically designed for the naval environment:

  • Attenuation in visible band > 45 dB
  • Backscattering of the beam at usual Laser frequencies

MOSC stands for “masking optronic screening”. The concept held in the SEAMOSC launcher is consistent with his existing SYLENA launcher.

The concept retained for the MOSC launcher is in complete line with the other SYLENA LW, MK1 and MK2 launchers :

For the modular launcher, the naval or maritime force need choose the right number of modules needed and their distribution on the deck, depending on:

  • the ship’s geometry,
  • the specific needs of the ship, for example, directive masking for amphibious operations,
  • cloud update requirements.

Meanwhile the fixed launcher offers maximum reliability and uptime with very low maintenance; a plus point is that it provides quick, easy and safe reloading process.

The SEAMOSC is available in two configurations depending on customer requirements: 6 ammunition or 9 ammunition.

Always vigilant in providing the latest know-how in naval defence, Lacroix Defense launched SEAMOSC after 10 years of launching  the 1st SYLENA decoy launching system in 2012, demonstrating  its innovation capability and agility in developing systems tailored to meet customers needs. –shp/adj/lcx  (Image: Lacroix)