DroneShield and Epirus Complete Integration

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DroneShield Ltd (DroneShield) and Epirus, Inc (Epirus) have completed integration of DroneShield’s multi-sensor DroneSentry system with Epirus’ Leonidas high-power microwave (HPM) counter-electronics/counter-UAS effector.

The integration of these two systems allows for a fully integrated C-UAS system that can track multiple threats and then engage with high-powered microwave countermeasures that will provide critical defensive capabilities for military, government and other customers.

DroneSentry incorporates radiofrequency, radar and electro-optic detection and tracking system as well as smart jamming UAS defeat module, powered by its cutting edge DroneSentry-C2 command-and-control system, the company said in a June 15 press release.

Epirus’ Leonidas is a counter-electronics system with the power and precision to neutralise a single threat in tight, crowded spaces or disable multiple threats across a wide area simultaneously.

Epirus’ revolutionary approach to directed energy allows for unmatched counter-electronics effects, dramatically reduces the size and weight of the system and enables greater operator control and safety. Mounted on a gimble to increase manoeuvrability, the system can be deployed as a fixed or mobile capability enabling wide-area rapid response. 

Epirus was awarded a US$66 million US Government contract earlier this year for the stand-alone Leonidas systems.

In November 2022, Epirus made an investment of A$3.7 million (corresponding to approximately US$2.5 million) into DroneShield as it looks to expand its international partner ecosystem.

DroneShield CEO, Oleg Vornik, commented: “The combined system provides significantly expanded options for our US DoD, and in time, global customer base. Additionally, there are synergies on the business development front, which DroneShield and Epirus are already working on.”

Epirus CEO, Ken Bedingfield, added: “Epirus and DroneShield share common ethos of rapid pace, high tech innovation, to provide the warfighter with advanced technologies to protect against the rapidly rising threat of drones and other electronic threats. We are pleased to continue deepening the engagement over time.” –droneshield/adj/mhi (Pix: DroneShield)

DroneShield DroneSentry system

Main Pix: Epirus Leonidas high-power microwave system