CyberDSA 2023 Opens, Attracting Experts, Govt and Military Leaders for Talks

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The inaugural CyberDSA starts today in Kuala Lumpur amid growing multi-faceted global cyber threat. For three days this week, military and tech leaders, and cyber industry experts will come together to discuss the latest innovations and technologies in cyber security.

Conferences and exhibitions like this one are important for leaders. It allows then to stay up to date on these technologies to better protect the public and the nation in the all-important domain of cyberspace.

The Guest of Honour at CyberDSA is Communications and Digital Minister, Ahmad Fahmi Mohamed Fadzil. Also present were Deputy Defence Minister, Adly Zahari, CEO of CyberSecurity Malaysia, Dato’ Ts Dr Haji Amirudin Bin Abdul Wahab, and Director-General of Defence Cyber and Electromagnetic Division, Rear Admiral Datuk Shamsuddin Ludin.

Through conference speakers and an exhibition, business, military, management and government leaders will learn more about the newest cyber technology. They will also discuss national security challenges in the cyber domain and how to use new technology to counter cyber threats as military leaders say the future of warfare is cyber warfare and the military has to be ready for anything.

The inaugural CyberDSA 2023, organised by Aerosea Exhibitions Sdn. Bhd and supported by CyberSecurity Malaysia and Malaysian Armed Forces through Defence Cyber and Electromagnetic Division, is being held from August 15 to 17 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) in the capital city.

Siber Siaga and CSM-ACE will complement the prestigious setup, which will be held in conjunction with this event. The annual CSM-ACE event under CyberSecurity Malaysia purview serves as a forum for cybersecurity experts to discourse on cybersecurity current issues, trends, technology and innovations and to recognise the contribution of individuals and organisations in the field of cybersecurity.

Siber Siaga is a manifestation of the Defence Cyber and Electromagnetic Division in strengthening efforts between Malaysia Armed Forces (MAF), industry players, universities, cyber security practitioners and the public in cyber security for Malaysia cyber sovereignty.

This year’s edition of the annual conference will see more than 100 exhibitors showcasing the latest in cutting-edge cybersecurity technology, and is set to draw over 5,000 visitors from 20 countries.

Over its three-day programme, CyberDSA 2023 will feature keynote addresses, talks, roundtable discussions and exhibits touching on emerging cybersecurity technologies, including cyber defence, land and cellular network security, big data, cloud computing solutions, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology.

Company participation in CyberDSA 2023 including Cyble, Huawei, Looka, Swimlane, Syntx Sdn Bhd, TM One and Zetvest Sdn Bhd. “In today’s global village, the issue of cyber security can no longer be dealt with locally by nations alone. In order to establish a truly cyber-secure world, nations need to come together to act swiftly, cohesively and integrated-ly. Facing a global threat with local resources simply cannot suffice. As the threats are global, so needs to be our response. In this regard, CyberDSA will champion the global cyber security agenda, offering a holistic approach to effectively deal with local and international cyber security threats. The sharing of knowledge and expertise, combined with an unprecedented showcase of today’s cutting-edge cyber security technology at CyberDSA will be second to none. Ultimately, it is our hope that CyberDSA will play a pivotal role in leading a new age in global cyber security,” said Ts Dr Haji Amirudin Bin Abdul Wahab, CEO of CyberSecurity Malaysia.

CyberDSA aspires to be the leading regional content-driven event serving the cyber defence and security industry. It aims to connect cyber security professionals and executives in the government and private sectors, driven to accelerate the cyber defence and security agenda through the advancement of future trends including the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G, as well as Cloud and Blockchain Technology among others. –shp/adj/mgm

Communications and Digital Minister, Ahmad Fahmi Mohamed Fadzil.