KONGSBERG Signs Major Naval Strike Missile Coastal Defence System Contract

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Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KONGSBERG) has been awarded contract worth approximately NOK 16 billion (USD 1.5 billion) by the Polish Ministry of National Defence to deliver four NSM (Naval Strike Missile) Coastal Defence System (CDS) squadrons.

 “This contract is the largest single contract in the history of KONGSBERG and is an important milestone in our more than 200 year long history. Poland has been a long-standing partner, and we are proud to sign this agreement. With the changed security situation in Europe, Poland is firm in its commitment to ensure important defence capabilities, and for KONGSBERG as an industry partner, this ensures predictability to invest and continue to build capacity to deliver on these needs”, said Geir Håøy, President and CEO of KONGSBERG.

“The NSM coastal defence system plays a significant role in supporting nations’ ability to defend their territory and citizens. We are proud to support Poland in building up such a capability. The determination demonstrated by the Polish Ministry of National Defence to acquire more NSM CDS is a sign of trust and confirms that our system represents the most effective capability available” said Eirik Lie, President of Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.

The Coastal Defence System is using NASAMS command and control with NSM control functionality. Polish industry will contribute to significant parts of the scope, including the communication system, vehicles and part of the command-and-control system, as well as taking part in system integration activities.

A company statement on the matter said Poland was the first nation to acquire the NSM CDS capability in 2008, and then with an additional squadron in 2014. The contract award builds on more than a decade of successful cooperation between KONGSBERG, the Polish Government and Polish industry. The new deliveries will carry on into the 2030s.

As part of the contract, the Norwegian company will provide training and technical support, including simulators, to enable Polish personnel to conduct maintenance services in Poland.

“The contract is dependent on approved export financing. The financing is expected to be finalised within a few weeks,” the statement added.

The NSM can be launched from both land- and sea-based platforms and is already in use by, or under delivery to, 12 countries from Europe to the Asia-Pacific. The NSM is a fifth generation Strike Missile and regarded as the most advanced naval strike missile in the world, initially developed by KONGSBERG for the Norwegian Navy. The missile’s stealth design makes it difficult to detect and its seeker system enables Autonomous Target Recognition of the targets.

Elsewhere, it was reported that the contract includes the delivery of “several hundred” NSM missiles, command vehicles, launchers and other vehicles with deliveries to be made between 2026 and 2032.

The MJR consists of two squadrons. Each squadron includes two batteries of three MLVs – Missile Launch Vehicles (a total of 24 NSMs per squadron). To date, Poland has purchased 74 NSM Block 1, which uses a jet propulsion that provides high subsonic speed and a range of “over 150 km”.  

It was also reported that the NSM missiles in the latest Block 1A version. The differences are mainly obsolescence upgrades and increased capabilities in range (an increase of up to more than 250 km), additional capabilities and optimisation in mission planning. Additionally, new functionality was incorporated into the target seeker, including seeker assisted target recognition also for land targets. –kb/adj/mgm (Image: KDA)