New Singapore Assault Rifle Unveiled At Singapore Airshow

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SINGAPORE:ST Engineering of Singapore has revealed the latest variant of the Singapore Assault Rifle 21 (SAR 21) at the Singapore Airshow 2024. Named the “Next Generation SAR”, the bullpup is now a modular platform which allows users to configure the weapon in standard configurations, designated marksman and even a fully-automatic automatic weapon variant for squad automatic weapons roles.

Chambered in 5.56mm, the new platform allows users to swap out barrels and lower receivers to accommodate 7.62 ammunition in addition to rail systems that can now house various accessories such as optics, lasers and more. In the sharpshooter configuration, the weapon is fitted with a fire control system which will aid in targeting moving targets. Aside from that, the grenadier configuration also sees the platform being mated with the company’s own STK40GL side-loading grenade launcher.

Featuring ambidextrous ejection ports and adjustable butt-stock positions for better ergonomics, the Next Generation SAR in standard configuration weighs just a tad over 4.0kg and not more than 5.0kg fully-loaded with standard STANAG magazines with 30 round capacity.

Additionally, the Ultimax 100 5.56mm gas-operated light machine gun also received an upgrade, with ST unveiling the Ultimax 100 Mk 9 at the show alongside the Next Generation SAR. Now with dual-feed capability, the Mk 9 can utilise standard STANAG 5.56mm 30-round magazines, 100-round drum magazines and even ammunition belts. Aside from serving the city-state’s armed forces, previous variants of the Ultimax have been in service with a number of countries including Indonesia, the Philippines, Croatia and Chile, among others. shp/adj/dl (Pix:Asian Defence Journal)