New Terrex IFV Launched By ST Engineering

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SINGAPORE:Singapore’s state-linked defence firm ST Engineering has unveiled the latest iteration of the company’s Terrex armoured infantry fighting vehicle (IFV). Launched ahead of the Singapore Airshow 2024, the vehicle is on display at the Changi Exhibition Centre on Feb 20-25. It can be seen fitted with ST’s Adder 30 remote weapon station armed with a 30mm gun and a secondary armament of a 7.62 machine gun. Dubbed the “Terrex s5”, it is the newest variant of the 8×8 IFV which was built on “smartness, superiority, sustainability, survivability and serviceability”. 

It is fitted with the proprietary New Generation Power Processor (NGPP), which makes power management intelligent and completely independent of traditional fuses. With a weight of around 35,000kg, the Terrex can carry an up to 13,000kg payload and can fit a maximum of 12 personnel (including two crew members). 

ST Engineering says the production-ready 8×8 armoured fighting vehicle is equipped with advanced vetronics and a hybrid electric drive option — “vectronics” a portmanteau of vehicle and electronics. “Its modular design and ability to transverse various terrains allow the vehicle to be highly configurable to a wide range of mission roles.” 

Running on a 711hp turbodiesel engine, the vehicle can reach speeds of up to 120km/h with a range of 1,000km. Additionally, the Terrex s5 comes with a hybrid power option which runs on a lithium ion battery, supplying the crew with 50km of silent range.

According to the company, there are six planned variants including anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) carrier, mortar carrier, trooper, amphibious, command and control, and fire support variants. shp/adj/dl (Pix:Asian Defence Journal)