ELT Group Air and Space Domain Capabilities in Singapore

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ELT Group was at the Singapore Airshow to highlight the group’s capabilities and expertise in Electro Magnetic Spectrum Operation (EMSO) and its activities in this field. ELT Group has been present in Singapore for years and has become a natural point of reference, both technologically and doctrinally/operationally, for Electronic Warfare at the most advanced levels.

To strengthen its relationship with the city-state, the company set up a local office in 2018, seeking long-term partnerships with local research institutions, industry and end-users. This will enable more robust support for local operations, also improving the country’s self-reliance and deeper business promotion in the Asia-Pacific region.

Leveraging its 70 years of leadership in EMSO (Electro Magnetic Spectrum Operation), ELT Group has once again led the evolution in responding to global protection needs. The pursuit of pioneering to enter new domains, in addition to the core domain of defence. Through these, the Group communicates its vertical expertise and its ability to create comprehensive multi-domain solutions; space EMSO, ground systems to defend against surface, air and space threats, cyber EW and other integrated multi-domain

At Singapore Airshow 2024, ELT showcased SCORPIO, the company’s first electronic intelligence sensor, which was launched into LEO (Low Earth Orbit) last year. As space becomes strategic from both civil and military perspectives, expertise in managing EMSO in space is an indispensable strategic and technological sovereignty capability. For this reason, the company has developed technological solutions to monitor and protect the Earth through electromagnetic signals to and from space.

Space is also exposed to cyber-attacks aimed at slowing down, degrading, modifying, disrupting the use
of satellite data or permanently damaging its information structure, a company statement said. –shp/adj/mgm (Pix:Asian Defence Journal)