Taiwan Commissions Corvette, 2 More Soon

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TAIPEI: The Republic of China Navy (ROCN) has commissioned the fourth Tuo Chiang-class corvette–Wu Chiang on March 1.

Built by Lungteh Shipbuilding, the Tuo-Chiang-class stealthy multi-purpose corvettes are designed and built by Taiwan. The ROCN is looking to build a total of 11 ships in the class by the end of 2026.

According to reports, the ROCN will receive its fifth and sixth indigenously built Tuo-Chiang-class corvettes by the end of March. The An Chiang and Wan Chiang were launched last October and November respectively.

Following that, the second batch of five corvettes are slated to begin construction from 2024 to 2026 with works on the first two ships anticipated to begin by end of this month.

The first batch of corvettes are specially tasked with air defence and are equipped with 16 ship-launched Sea Sword II N air defence missiles (AAM), eight Hsiung Feng II subsonic anti-ship missiles (ASM), as well as four Hsiung Feng III supersonic ASMs.

Then, the second batch will be taking on the anti-ship roles, with armaments of four Hsiung Feng II and eight Hsiung Feng III ASMs. -shp/adj/dl (Pix:Republic of China Navy)