Airbus to Provide Global Communications Service for German Troops

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Airbus has been awarded a contract by the Bundeswehr for the provision of welfare media services for the next 2 years, with the option of another two-year extension. With this contract, several thousands of soldiers and sailors will get access to connectivity services for their private use on a global scale whether they are on land or at sea.                 

Through the “Connect-D” service, the Bundeswehr provides its personnel with a range of welfare service, free of charge, with no time limit or limitation on the data volume for private use while abroad.

The connection to family and friends as well as to the personal social environment can be maintained even while they are in remote area. For the first time, media services are an integral part of Connect-D, including corporate TV and radio – notably Radio Andernach and Bundeswehr TV – video on demand (VoD) and ePaper.

Airbus has been providing welfare communication services to the Bundeswehr since 2011. The Connect-D Service is currently deployed in 15 locations within three continents, e.g. Afghanistan, Mali and Lithuania. With the new contract, Airbus ensures that Connect-D will be available at existing and future missions and exercises and with state-of-the-art communication technology.

In its “Morale and Welfare Service” literature, the company said: “keeping in touch with families and friends for service men and women is key to morale, especially when deployed overseas for long periods in harsh environments. Voice and data communications are delivered around the globe to connect service personnel to friends and family at home.” Airbus has been providing global connectivity for over four decades and is a world leader in satellite communications and ground infrastructure networks. The company has delivered governments, militaries and International Agencies with mission-critical voice and high-speed data communications on land, at sea and in the air. –shp/iz