Hong Kong Government Flying Service’s H175 Fleet Milestone

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HONG KONG: As the global launch customer of the H175 public services version, Hong Kong-based Government Flying Service (GFS) has achieved two milestones with its H175 fleet: a total of 5,000 flight hours and 3,000 life-saving missions.

Since 2018, GFS has received seven public services configured H175s, becoming the world’s first operator of this variant. The public services version enlarged the mission capability of the H175, enabling 18 different missions to be conducted.

The H175’s design and overall performance allow a single helicopter to operate a range of challenging missions without changing the helicopter’s configuration.

Today, the global fleet of H175s operated in 11 countries and regions has accumulated 85,000 flight hours in various missions, including offshore oil and gas, public services, private and business aviation, and passenger transportation, among others.

GFS’s 5,000 hours of experience has contributed to this milestone and demonstrates the unique capabilities and safety of the helicopter for demanding public services missions. In service since 2015, the H175 belongs to the super medium class of helicopters, and can carry out several missions, including: law enforcement, search and rescue (SAR), helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS), firefighting and government liaison duties. –shp/mgm